Compost collection will continue, but we have taken steps to make sure the risk to the health of everyone will be minimal. We ask that you do a couple of things, too.

We hope you are well and that you find comfort in knowing that, though much has changed, the regular rhythm of compost swaps will continue as usual. Collective Resource will provide service during the Illinois Stay at Home Order, with strict social distancing and additional hygiene considerations. Our work falls into the category of Essential Infrastructure in the Governor’s Executive Order in Response to COVID-19.

Closed Businesses, Schools & Faith Communities
If we haven’t already, we are attempting to collect compost containers from schools, faith communities and businesses closed during this period. We will dropoff fresh containers once public spaces reopen. Let customer service know if you need to place a pause on your service at

No In-Person Handoff or Entering Buildings
If your bucket/tote handoff procedure normally involves a driver entering a building or an in-person interaction, we request that you establish another method for handoff. During this period, drivers can call/text when they are close, customers can take the bucket outside for the driver to collect. Please contact customer service to work out the details at

Transmitting Virus Via the Compost Container
Most any surface is capable of transferring the coronavirus, though compost buckets are generally low-touch items compared to doorknobs and grocery checkout counters. Still, we recommend wiping down your bucket, especially the lid and handle since those are the high-touch areas of a compost bucket/tote. As we always have, compost containers are washed with soap and a bleach rinse. Drivers spray handles as they collect containers for their health. Wiping down container lids and handles before placing the bucket out for swapout, is appreciated.

Fighting the Spread of Coronavirus
In addition to eliminating in-person and building interior handoffs, we have instituted a practice of only one driver in a truck. The workflow and layout of container washing has been modified to allow for social distancing. Protocols for sanitizing the office, equipment and trucks have been implemented. Drivers and container washers are not allowed to work if they are ill. There is paid time off for employees to ensure that their financial well-being doesn’t compete with the health of other team members and the public.

Additional Information about COVID-19
Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website for the latest information about COVID-19.

We’ve heard warm messages of gratitude from so many of you. Thank you for your partnership and support during these challenging times. We wish you a healthy and peaceful stay-at-home experience.

Kind regards,
Erlene Howard
Founder and Owner
Collective Resource Compost