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As the awareness of sustainability issues is growing, and so is our composting community all around the Chicagoland. You can divert thousands of pounds of waste by composting at your home, school, work place and more. Serving over 50 communities throughout Chicago and suburbs, Collective resource makes composting EASY!


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Composting is an easy, effective way to add to the sustainability efforts of any restaurant, school, office, house of worship, or other institution. It diverts valuable resources from the landfill and demonstrates commitment to helping the environment. You can also lower your hauling costs by reducing the number of weekly landfill pickups.


Serving over 50 communities throughout Chicago and suburbs
Serving over 50 communities throughout Chicago and suburbs

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DOWNLOAD COMPOST PICKUP SERVICE AREA MAP We’re adding more towns and neighborhoods to our pickup area. Let us know if you’re interested in seeing us crop up where you live.  

join compost pickup service team
join compost pickup service team

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It takes a great team of people to do the work of Collective Resource. As we expand to serve more communities throughout the Chicago area, our staffing needs grow as well. We’re always looking for the right people whose values match ours. From drivers to facility operations to managers, Collective Resource depends on a team of […]

Let's compost together!

Ready to start composting? After just a few quick steps you'll be on your way to composting in your home, at your next event, or at your office. You won't believe how much your landfill waste will be reduced.