Spring Finished Compost Gift-Back

Every spring, Collective Resource offers free finished compost to the customers who helped make it!

We’re able to do this with the help of Healthy Soil Compost transporting the finished compost to The Talking Farm, who graciously hosts our gift-back event at their Howard Street Farm. The finished compost has been processed by Organix Recycling, a state-certified, US Composting Council-certified processor, located on the far south side of Chicago.

This compost, packed with microorganisms and fungi, is ready for any type of crop, your victory garden or soil rehabilitation project! Mix it with 30–50% of another soil blend or apply 1-2 inches on top of existing soil.

The first 10 gallons of compost are our gift to you. Additional compost is $5/5 gallons (cash or check only). Wheelbarrows are made available for moving the compost from the pile to your vehicle.

Stay tuned for information on next finished compost gift-back. Call with questions at 847-733-7665 or email customerservice@collectiveresource.us

Thanks to Elenaweinhardt for a great photo posted on Dreamstime.com