Collective Resource Compost is proud to be an official composting partner of Evanston, Morton Grove, Park Ridge, and Skokie.

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How Our Franchise Agreements Benefit Everyone

  • More food scraps are diverted from landfills because more households and businesses are participating
  • Less methane in the atmosphere
  • Preserving nutrients for soil regeneration
  • Brings equity to renters, lower-income residents
  • Makes composting more affordable for everyone

How Our Franchise Agreements Benefit Municipalities

  • One partner to work with
  • Shows that the municipality is forward-thinking and sends a message that sustainability is a value of the municipality’s
  • Helps municipality in meeting Greenest Region Compact (GRC2) waste goals
  • Makes the municipality a more attractive place to live or own a business
  • Clear messaging to the community about how to divert food scraps
  • Reduction in landfill fees

How it works

  • Discounted compost bucket collection service is available to the residents of Evanston, Morton Grove, Park Ridge, and Skokie.
  • A 5-gallon bucket will be delivered to the front porch of the service address within 15 days of payment received and matched to the service address. The first pickup will happen at a customer's chosen location 1 or 2 weeks later depending on the service level requested. An email reminder will be sent 36 hours before the pickup.
  • A fresh bucket will be left with every pickup that we receive the bucket that was given to the address prior. If the bucket is not out a call will be made to the phone number on record and a door hanger will be left, but no new bucket.
  • Add-on services are available, see the options below.
  • Deluxe service is available, see the details below.
  • Multi-unit buildings, restaurants, and commercial businesses can benefit from our 32-gallon tote serviceClick here to learn more.

General Pricing

1 Bucket

Weekly pickup
  • Monthly - $27.00
  • Quarterly - $78.00
  • Annually - $302.50 Best Value!

1 Bucket

Biweekly pickup
  • Monthly - $20.50
  • Quarterly - $58.50
  • Annually - $227.00 Best Value!

Click here to see rates for multiple totes* or more frequent pickups.

*32-gallon tote is equal in volume to 6 buckets - Great for condo associations, multi-unit buildings, and businesses.

Upgrade to Deluxe Service

  • No prepayment required.
  • Pay as you go and start and stop as needed. No charge when a pickup is canceled by email prior to the pickup day.
  • Fresh bucket delivered even if you forget to leave your current bucket out on pickup day.
  • Referral Credit of one free pickup if you educate someone who signs up for Deluxe Service.
  • Just like Basic Service, you can choose your pickup location and you will receive a pickup reminder 36 hours in advance.

Please, email us if you'd like to upgrade your service to the Deluxe option.