NEW! Compost communally with Collective Resource Compost’s program Neighbor Totes

We’re better together! 

How does Neighbor Totes compost service work?

  • Identify who’ll be hosting the Neighbor Tote.
  • Choose a location for the tote in a place that is not accessible to the public but can be accessed by neighbor participants.
  • CRC will provide scheduled swap outs and replace the full tote with a clean, bagged tote every time.

Each 32-gallon tote swap out is $24. The Neighbor Tote accommodates food scraps for 24 people in a week.

We’ll help you figure out how often you need swap-outs or if you need multiple totes at your location. Any swap out can be canceled with 48-hours notice and there will be no charge.

It works the same way as the residential compost bucket swap, only in this case you share a bigger container with your neighbors or community.

Frequent questions about this composting program

Q: How will I ever find 24 people to participate?
A: You don’t necessarily need 24 people. Households come in various sizes. Any combination of 24 people will work. 12 people could have a swap out every other week or 6 people every 4 weeks. We’ll help you figure this out.

Q: Could my faith community use this service?
A: Absolutely! A house of worship is the ideal place to implement this program.

Q: What if I don't know my neighbors?
A: This is a terrific opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

Q: What if my neighbors don’t know that food scraps in landfills create methane which is a greenhouse gas contributing to our climate crisis?
A: Teach them!  

Q: How should I collect payment from my neighbors?
A: Whatever works best for you and them by check, cash, or electronic payment. Discounts apply with quarterly and annual prepayments. No charge for canceled pickups.

Q: What if it’s close to our swap out day and our tote is half full?
A: Simply let us know with 48-hours notice, and we will wait until your following swap out date. 

Q: Does the person who is hosting have to also collect payment?
A: We need the same point person for all communications with CRC. The tasks of collecting payment and communicating within the group can be shared by others in your Neighbor Tote community. 

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residential composting service - tote or bucket
You are on your path to saving the planet!

Next steps...

Ready to start composting? After just a few quick steps you'll be on your way to composting in your home, at your next event, or at your office. You won't believe how much your landfill waste will be reduced.



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​"Between this (composting) and recycling, we're not quite at zero waste, but we're closer than we frankly imagined that we could be at this point in our lives - and we're really excited to be able to say that!"

- Clint Collins, Residential Composting Customer