Before the sun rises on this brand-new year, we’re pausing to look at a few causes for celebration from this past year:

We reached our 12th birthday and our 9000-tons-diverted-from-the-landfill-since-we-started milestone in June. We are routinely diverting 40 tons every week.

We entered into a franchise agreement with the city of Park Ridge and expect to be adding more municipalities to our composting community in the coming year.

We are now servicing 3300+ customers with 47% of those in our franchise agreement municipalities of Evanston, Morton Grove, Park Ridge and Skokie.

We were happy to help many events get closer to zero waste this year: from weddings to fundraisers to large music festivals like Skokie’s Backlot Bash and Winnetka Music Festival.

We partnered with Cookies for Compost, a creative program conceived and implemented by high school students that has grown into a free city-sponsored dropoff program at Robert Crown Community Center in Evanston.

Thank you for being part of our composting community! Together, we’ve diverted over 1,660 tons of food scraps in 2022. This has reduced greenhouse gases, reduced landfill use, and nourished the soil. We are all making a difference to mitigate climate change.

Happy New Year from all of us at Collective Resource Compost!

Compost Education, Zero Waste Events & Customer Service — Erlene, Mary Beth, Beth, Kevin, Grace, Chris, Laura, Becky, Don, Igna
Operations — Jeremy, Ronnie, Terrance
Compost Collection — Justin, Chris, Jesus, Andrew, Joshua, Brian, Quincy, Scott, Nathaniel, Rebecca
Container Maintenance — Nigel, Jose, Michael, Miles

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Zero Waste Consultant | Collective Resource, Inc.

Mary Beth strongly believes that, “It’s always better to be doing something rather than nothing.” If you’re thinking of composting at home, she can help you work out what your particular “something” can be.

She’s confident a solution can be tailored to fit anyone’s needs and ambitions. “Anyone who eats can be a CRI customer, whether you are an individual or a large organization. I want you to understand the advantages of composting, and I can show you how CRI can make it easy.” Mary Beth has successfully designed waste diversion strategies for individuals, schools, houses of worship and other communities. She’s received the governor’s Environmental Hero award for her work at her daughter’s school. Whether you’re starting with a backyard bin, a kitchen bucket, a worm farm, or large-scale commercial collection, Mary Beth can be your good-natured guide.