More is more: I didn’t know you could compost that!

By Mary Beth Schaye | July 18, 2019
Camping and composting

Now that you are using our service, we want you to be aware and take full advantage of the width and breadth of the items that can be commercially composted. If you look closely at this list on our website, you’ll undoubtedly find an item or two that surprises you. Our Zero Waste Event Coordinator Grace Hahn appreciates that she can compost to-go containers for some of the restaurants near her apartment. Though she does not have much time to cook at home, it feels good to her that, even with her on-the-go lifestyle, she can make strides toward […]

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Odors and Maggots and Flies, Oh My!

By Mary Beth Schaye | June 22, 2019
Tips & Tricks for Summer Composting

Welcome to summer in Chicagoland! Here are some tips and tricks for reducing odor and pests during the warm weather months. We really do wash our buckets every time. In warmer weather, the clean buckets we deliver may not smell all that fresh. If you find the smell offensive, try tossing something fragrant, like flowers, citrus peels, herbs or coffee grounds into your empty bucket when it arrives. One of our biweekly customers uses this technique to manage odors while adding organics to his bucket: He places the sealed bucket on the stove, then turns the exhaust fan on […]

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Make Your Summer Even Greener by Going Zero Waste!

By Phoenix Heller | June 4, 2019
reusable silverware

Summer is approaching, and with it so many great reasons to gather and celebrate: graduations, Father’s Day barbecues, and block parties. You have the opportunity to make these events even better by reducing waste with a little pre-cycling and composting. You may be asking: what is pre-cycling? We first came across this term in a book entitled 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. It recommends buying items only if you can recycle or compost the packaging. This same concept can be applied– with great effect–to party planning. With a little thought beforehand, you can compost […]

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Thanks a Ton!

By Mary Beth Schaye | May 21, 2019
collective resource celebrates 5000 tons of compost waste diverted

How does one celebrate diverting 5000 tons of organic waste out of the landfill and into making healthy, useful compost? By thanking everyone who got us to this milestone, of course. The vital need for composting your food scraps wasn’t always an easy sell. There were some lean years when we heard, “I have to pay for this service?” and “Shouldn’t you be paying me for my food scraps?” more than we heard “How can I sign up?” Now there is a greater awareness that this practice is not optional if we are to combat climate change. Momentum is […]

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Me Want Cookies, Not Plastic

By Phoenix Heller | March 2, 2019
How to reduce the use of plastic in your daily life

How to reduce the use of plastic in your daily life? The need to reduce and ultimately eliminate our consumption of single-use plastics is paramount. Both the creation and the disposal of these petroleum-based products are causing alarming damage to both our land and waterways. Many of you have already taken steps by bringing your own bags for shopping, refusing straws, and giving the barista your travel mug. We’d like to inspire you to think further… starting with cookies. Cookies are a favorite portable, poppable snack, however when you take a walk down the cookie aisle in a grocery […]

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Traditional and Green

By Phoenix Heller | February 13, 2019
How can flower giving be made more sustainable

How can flower giving be made more sustainable? Flowers are one of the traditional ways to show love or gratitude among other feelings but the single-use nature of flower bouquets is not the most sustainable. Composting them is one of the best ways to show your love for our planet once they are past their prime. Collective Resource would like to show our love for the flower-focused businesses and organizations in the Chicago area that compost their flowers and offer other ways to make flower business earth-friendly. Pollen in Logan Square A special event florist located in Logan Square, […]

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Romance Meets Sustainability

By Erlene Howard | February 6, 2019
romance meets sustainability at collective resource

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Are you looking for a special restaurant for this special occasion? We’d like to introduce you to four that are part of a composting community. Campagnola 815 Chicago Ave, Evanston Catch 35 35 W. Wacker Dr, Chicago Hearth 1625 Hinman Ave, Evanston Spacca Napoli 1769 W. Sunnyside Ave, Chicago

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Wrapping with Care

By Erlene Howard | December 12, 2018
sustainable gift wrapping

How to wrap gifts sustainably? ‘Tis the season to wrap and give gifts. Tubes of holiday wrapping paper are almost always wrapped in film plastic and often the paper itself is foil-stamped, making it not recyclable. Our team at Collective Resource would like to pass on a couple of clever tips from our employees to make your holiday wrapping a gift to our planet as well. Mary Beth, one of our zero waste consultants, suggests using a gift bag for each family member throughout the eight nights of Hanukkah. She chooses a gift bag for each of her girls […]

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Disposable Compostable Resources

By Collective Resource | October 7, 2018

We highly encourage our zero waste event customers to use reusable plates, cups, and utensils whenever possible. However, if you choose to purchase disposable products when using our services, we ask that you select compostable products. Following is a guide to help you find the compostable disposables that are right for your event. Note that the paper goods should say “compostable” or 100% paper (with no coating). Biodegradable does not necessarily mean compostable. Chinet plates – Costco, Target, etc. All paper napkins are acceptable, including colored napkins. Webstaurant Cold cups Hot cups   Costco Plates Hot cups   Amazon Utensils Compostable […]

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What to compost with commercial composting

By Collective Resource | October 6, 2018
what to compost in commercial compost

What Do We Compost? YES FOOD PRODUCTS Baked goods Bones Breads Candy Cereal Coffee grounds Dairy products Eggshells Fish/seafood Fried food All fruits Meats Grain products All vegetables Spices/herbs Sugars/syrup Tea PAPER PRODUCTS Coffee filters Sugar/salt/pepper packets Egg cartons Gift bags Gift wrap Blue masking tape Paper food packaging Microwave popcorn bags Newspaper Food soiled paper Pencils Tea bags Waxed Paper Wood products/sawdust OTHER BPI certified compostable bags BPI compostable products Cold ashes from fireplace/grill Cellulose sponges Compostable kitchenware (look for “ASTM D-6400”) Holiday wreaths Cotton balls 100% cotton clothing Dryer lint Fur/hair Houseplant scraps Nail clippings PLA Natureworks […]

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