We’re happy to announce that we have reached another diversion milestone: 7000 tons! Can you believe it? Power of composting What’s amazing to us is that’s 7,000 tons lifted, shifted, and tipped by hand— no hydraulics. That’s a whole lot of muscle power from our crew. 14 million pounds of lifting and that doesn’t even include the weight of the containers, just the food scraps within1. Because tons are kind of hard to visualize, we
It’s the holiday season and you might be expecting a blog post about green gifts. Here’s the post that I wrote last year. Not all of the ideas are applicable during a pandemic but I’m always going to suggest experiences over things. If you have been in our composting community for a few years, you probably know that we entered into a franchise agreement with our hometown of Evanston in November 2017 and our neighbors
Soup kitchen
We’re clearly very interested in composting food waste here at Collective Resource Compost, but we’re also interested in all of the other levels in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Hierarchy illustrated in this pyramid. If you’re interested in learning more about the different levels of the pyramid, check out the documentary Wasted! The Story of Food Waste. The pyramid plays a starring role, second only to the somewhat foul-mouthed narrator Anthony Bourdain, of blessed
Are you looking for a fun fall activity that also happens to be good for the planet? Host a pumpkin smash! Halloween is likely to be a bit less fun this year, so why not give the kids something new and exciting to look forward to? And honestly, I’m sure there are some adults who’d also enjoy a little smashing. Pumpkins are compostable! Imagine if just a fraction of them were composted, how good that
Squirrels, Squirrels, everywhere! Squirrels are ingenious city dwellers that consider our homes as public canteen, and what better than a stash of food “served” in a bright orange bucket! Many of you have been reporting squirrel damage to your compost buckets and we’ve been delivering Squirrel Stopper Lids left and right.  (If you don’t have one, let us know and we can give you one on your next pickup.) In addition to the Squirrel Stopper