I thought I was going to write about the circular economy but it’s going to have to wait until next month. There is one particular part of a circular economy that I do want to write about: extended producer responsibility. It’s when the producer is responsible for disposing of the waste created by their product instead of the end user being responsible. Our composting customer Village Farmstand has begun taking back their packaging, reusing what
I’m so jazzed about all of the things we have going on and I don’t think it’s the coffee talking. Restaurant Raffle 2021 Inspired by the Village of Winnetka’s Take Out Challenge we created our own Restaurant Raffle to support the restaurants and other food-related businesses that have made sustainability a priority by continuing to use our composting service through the COVID crisis. We hope that you will peruse the list, give them your business
Education has always been a part of our business. This was surprising to us at first, but it became clear that if we were going to persuade anyone to use our service, we needed to educate them on why our planet needs us to compost. These days we do a lot of educating through our monthly blog on the topics of composting, zero waste and other areas of sustainability. After the George Floyd uprisings, many
Restaurant raffle 2021
Who’s ready for a post-holiday game that just happens to help our composting community? Winters are historically slower times for restaurants and cafes. This winter is likely to be even harder. Win a restaurant gift card We’re sponsoring a raffle for you to win a gift card from any of the food-related businesses listed below. You get to choose which one. First prize: $75 gift card, Second prize: $50 gift card, Third prize: $25 gift
What do you hope for in 2021? I’m hoping that the COVID-19 vaccine works, that it is distributed quickly and equitably and that any environmental gains that we’ve experienced because of the pandemic endure. I’m also encouraged that we can pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) in Illinois and President-elect Biden’s version of the Green New Deal (The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice) in the United States. When I