The fall season holds such promise. As it starts to cool down outside, we’re energized. Maybe your kids are going back to school, maybe you are. It’s said that we are all teachers and all students. What are you inspired to learn more about this fall? In Judaism, the holiday of Rosh Hashanah takes place in the fall and is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. In some ways, it feels more like the
Camping and composting
Now that you are using our service, we want you to be aware and take full advantage of the width and breadth of the items that can be commercially composted. If you look closely at this list on our website, you’ll undoubtedly find an item or two that surprises you. Our Zero Waste Event Coordinator Grace Hahn appreciates that she can compost to-go containers for some of the restaurants near her apartment. Though she does
Tips & Tricks for Summer Composting
Welcome to summer in Chicagoland! Here are some tips and tricks for reducing odor and pests during the warm weather months. We really do wash our buckets every time. In warmer weather, the clean buckets we deliver may not smell all that fresh. If you find the smell offensive, try tossing something fragrant, like flowers, citrus peels, herbs or coffee grounds into your empty bucket when it arrives. One of our bi-weekly customers uses this
reusable silverware
Summer is approaching, and with it so many great reasons to gather and celebrate: graduations, Father’s Day barbecues, and block parties. You have the opportunity to make these events even better by reducing waste with a little pre-cycling and composting. You may be asking: what is pre-cycling? We first came across this term in a book entitled 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. It recommends buying items only if you can
collective resource celebrates 5000 tons of compost waste diverted
How does one celebrate diverting 5000 tons of organic waste out of the landfill and into making healthy, useful compost? By thanking everyone who got us to this milestone, of course. The vital need for composting your food scraps wasn’t always an easy sell. There were some lean years when we heard, “I have to pay for this service?” and “Shouldn’t you be paying me for my food scraps?” more than we heard “How can