city of evanston composting partner
Composting in Morton Grove
village of Skokie composting partner

Collective Resource is proud to be an official composting partner of
the City of Evanston and Villages of Morton Grove and Skokie.

Through a program approved by these towns, all of Evanston, Morton Grove, and Skokie
can now take advantage of the compost collection special low rates.

Evanston & Morton Grove residents can keep composting all winter long.

Our Winter Gap Program covers the months that Evanston Yard Cart and Morton Grove Landscape Waste/Food Scrap Cart service is suspended.

evanston compost collection
residential composting service - take to commercial composting site

Weekly Basic Bucket Service is just $27 a month pre-paid!

Our service provides door-to-door pickup of food scraps. We provide a 5-gallon bucket to your family and then weekly or biweekly pick up the food scraps and take them to a commercial compost site. We leave a clean bucket for you to continue your collection for the next pickup. Most households work with some kind of countertop container and then empty into the big bucket when needed. Some customers choose to keep the bucket outside with a brick or flower pot on top, or it can be put out on pickup day.

Commercial composting is different than yard composting. At a commercial site, you can compost anything that was once alive, including animal products and food-soiled paper. Click here for a complete list.

To set up service please fill out our sign up form. Remember to check the box for weekly or biweekly service and choose "City of Evanston", "Village of Morton Grove", or "Village of Skokie" in the drop-down menu for "How did you hear about us?"
We'll get back to you promptly!

Weekly Basic Bucket service is $27 and biweekly service (every other week) is $20.50 per month. Save with annual and quarterly payments.

Weekly pickup, 1 bucket:

Monthly $27

Quarterly $78

Annually $302.50 Best Value!

Biweekly pickup, 1 bucket:

Monthly $20.50

Quarterly $58.50

Annually $227 Best Value!

A minimum prepayment equal to a month of service is required for set up and can be mailed to:

Collective Resource, Inc
838 Brown Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202.

A 5-gallon bucket will be delivered to the front porch of the service address within 15 days of payment received and matched to the service address.

Click here for Deluxe Service options and further details on Basic Bucket service.

Multi-unit buildings, restaurants and commercial businesses can benefit from our 32-gallon tote service.
Click here to learn more.