update on the list of "what to compost" items

Today’s communication is about a change in the items we can accept for composting beginning May 15, 2023. We haul it to a transfer station, and from there, it is hauled to a commercial composting facility. We do not own the transfer station nor the commercial composting facility. Recently the owners of the transfer station have chosen to haul to a commercial composting facility that is closer. That is good news. 

The commercial composting facility is trying to make the best finished compost possible, free of contaminants. This is more good news. It’s an important part of making the whole enterprise viable. It’s worth pointing out that the food we divert is the most important. These other items are secondary. 

The hard news is that the list of acceptable items has shrunk a little.

The biggest change is that no pizza boxes or other corrugated cardboard are accepted. We encourage you to recycle the clean parts of pizza boxes and landfill the food-stained parts.

This facility will still accept all food waste and some compostable products but only the ones on the Compost Manufacturing Alliance’s list for windrow technology (CMA-W), which you can find here on their website: https://compostmanufacturingalliance.com/product-category/cma-w-products/?cat=cmaw               

This list has links to the product websites and also product numbers to help you shop for them online. We strongly encourage you to use reusable items whenever possible.

It’s best to hold off on composting random things like pencils and textiles, and it may be a good time to explore other options for disposing of those items. Ask your municipality what their recommendations are. You might find that they have a program through Simple Recycling, as Evanston does. Chicago Environmentalists has a whole website full of resources. Here’s their recycling page. SWANCC and SWALCO are also good resources.

We know this must come as a surprise. It certainly was a surprise to us, but we are focusing on the positive aspects. Thank you for being on this wild ride with us. We will continue to communicate with you and to update our website. Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions.