We’re delighted to announce that we have reached another diversion milestone: 8000 tons! It’s a little hard to imagine that amount of food scraps, isn’t it?

In the first six months that Erlene was hauling buckets of food scraps in her Toyota Camry, she averaged about 77 pounds a week. This week our crew hauled 50,000 pounds! 

Because tons are kind of hard to visualize, we used this nifty calculator to try to help you understand how very much that is. It’s about 3/10ths as heavy as the Statue of Liberty, and equivalent in weight to 70 blue whales, 158 million golf balls or 6.6 billion jelly beans.

We are so grateful to our composting community and our hardworking crew and staff. This last 1000 tons took us 11 months to accomplish. Let’s see if we can’t make it to 9000 tons sooner than that. On your mark, get set, divert!

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Zero Waste Consultant | Collective Resource, Inc.

Mary Beth strongly believes that, “It’s always better to be doing something rather than nothing.” If you’re thinking of composting at home, she can help you work out what your particular “something” can be.

She’s confident a solution can be tailored to fit anyone’s needs and ambitions. “Anyone who eats can be a CRI customer, whether you are an individual or a large organization. I want you to understand the advantages of composting, and I can show you how CRI can make it easy.” Mary Beth has successfully designed waste diversion strategies for individuals, schools, houses of worship and other communities. She’s received the governor’s Environmental Hero award for her work at her daughter’s school. Whether you’re starting with a backyard bin, a kitchen bucket, a worm farm, or large-scale commercial collection, Mary Beth can be your good-natured guide.